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MO: The production of that homogenous image of whiteness and maleness in Silicon Valley is part of the story. I want to both explain that dominant narrative and disrupt it. The men are known by their first names. You need no introduction for Mark and Jeff and Steve and Bill.

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Why is there no Ann and Sarah and Margaret as well? When you look at the context of race and gender, of protest and liberation movements, of local culture, of demographic change, then those absences become more legible. For instance, that you need to have a personality that aligns with traditionally masculine qualities. And that your work culture must be extraordinarily intense, because the only way to do important work is to have a person living on ramen noodles for two years while he builds something new.

Can you tell me about Ann Hardy? MO: Ann Hardy was a self-trained programmer who worked for one of the early startups, Tymshare, in the s. She was the only woman in management. When I interviewed her for The Code , Hardy did emphasize to me that the men who ran the company were sympathetic, even though they were sometimes clueless. After the prostitute incident, she talked to her boss, the CEO, and the guy who had planned the event got moved out of that position and, eventually, out of the company. The responses were always post hoc, though.

She always had to be the one to raise the issues. She stands for a lot of women who were discouraged from their technical ambition again and again, but who somehow found a way to do the work. It was understood to not be very difficult: anyone with secretarial skills could do it.


As soon as it became clear that programming was perhaps the most important thing that one could contribute to a computer project, women got pushed out and software programming became computer science. Those who stayed in the field built up a pretty tough skin to get by. They put up with the bad behavior. So, women worked in computers, but it was predominantly men who were the purchasers of these devices. Why do you think this culture was—and still is—so sexist? That attitude is alive and well. NA: Another woman who was influential in paving the way for the personal computer revolution was Liza Loop, who was an early proponent of using computers in education.

What was her role in these early days of turning the computer from an industrial tool into a personal commodity? MO: In the early s, a lot of people started to get interested in computing for idealistic reasons. They were thinking about computers as tools for education, tools for social change, for communication.

Not all of them were computer nuts. Liza Loop was one of those idealists who had been interested in computer education. She continues that work to this day. There were other idealists like her who were part of the movement and then got left behind when it became an industry. Direct Shipping. Items eligible for Direct Shipping Jean size. Accessories size. Bra size. Belt size.


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