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It seems that even this likeable and exuberant puer aeternus was required to grapple with his Plutonian inheritance if he wished to fulfil his individual potential. No doubt that is partly true; he, too, fits Criterion No.

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But there are other factors in this chart particularly Venus conjunct Saturn, Mars opposite Saturn, and Moon and Chiron exactly conjunct that describe considerable inner pain, loneliness, and struggle - perhaps not entirely conscious, but all the more destructive for being so carefully denied. Pluto was transiting back and forth across JFK Jr's natal Sun in the year before his death, and it was square its own place and very close to the IC at the time of his death.

Something inescapable was hunting him from within. The progressed chart is also eloquent; progressed IC was exactly conjunct progressed Jupiter, suggesting that the puer spirit longed for a way out of the conflict between his own personality and the inexorable demands of his inheritance. Those who believe in simple tragic accidents may no doubt feel anger at the suggestion that there might have been something voluntary, something chosen about this sad death. I am not implying, if there were indeed a choice, that the choice was conscious. But the precision of such astrological contacts makes me wonder whether the family daimon - one dimension of which seems to reveal itself in the family charts through the Cancer-Capricorn axis - was at it once again.

This repetition of planets falling within a few degrees in the same signs in so many of the family charts does not suggest a family curse.

Curse of the Gucci family continues to haunt the heirs

Rather, it suggests a family inheritance of a potentially creative kind, involving not only political shrewdness, tenacity, and leadership abilities, but also the profound emotional nourishment provided by close family bonds. However, it might also be said that the gifts of the Cancer-Capricorn axis was sorely misused in every generation of the Kennedy family.

Global ambition that subsumes the personal happiness of individual family members, and a tyrannical clannishness that permits no freedom to move beyond the family circle emotionally, intellectually, professionally, or spiritually, may be interpreted as abuses of god-given talents. The Cancer-Capricorn axis, at its best, epitomises those values which preserve the loving container of the family as a basis for the structures of a lawful and stable society.

If I were an imaginative ancient Greek, I might think of the goddess Hera, protectress of family and social bonds, incensed beyond bearing because her gifts were bestowed so freely and then used so irresponsibly. Conclusion The family curse is, when all is said and done, an inversion of a family blessing.

That is what emerges from thinking long and hard about how the Greeks portrayed it, and I am convinced that they knew far more about this unfolding of patterns over generations than many orthodox schools of psychology do today. Psychoanalysis and analytical psychology have, of course, always recognised the reality of the unconscious and the continuing power of family secrets. Family therapy acknowledges the generational repetition of critical events on specific dates and at specific ages; the analytical family therapist knows, too, that the "identified patient", like Orestes, is the recipient and mouthpiece, rather than the perpetrator, of a conflict much older than the individual.

From a reductive perspective, the family curse may seem like a doom imposed on the innocent. Yet our own small family curses, whatever florid or subtle form they take, may be viewed, not as a future in which we are fated to re-enact the tragedies of the past, but as an opportunity to redeem something which was once the gift of a god, but which has been deformed over time through arrogance, stupidity, malice, or wilful unconsciousness.

When patterns from the past make us shape our futures compulsively, we will solve nothing by either passively anticipating disaster or believing ourselves to be exempt. Any individual with a powerful Pluto or an emphasis in the watery houses is the potential recipient of enormous power and insight built on a profound comprehension of the past and the inner world. But there is no such thing as a free lunch, and one must find the courage to make the heartbreaking separation from the matrix of the family psyche in full consciousness, emerging as an individual - lonely, unique, and attuned to the needs of one's own soul.

The luxury of blind identification with the family, or with any collective, is not an intelligent option for anyone with such placements in the birth chart. There is no room for either naivety or arrogance when the chart reveals the participation of family ghosts.

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  8. One needs to reflect on the past as carefully and deeply as possible, for one is, in the most profound sense, a medium for the unlived gifts of the family psyche and a vessel for all the energy and life that have been denied or abused and are now longing to be expressed in new creative forms. Your name: Robot Spiderwoman Visiting Astro. Com Logout Shopping Cart. Current Planets. The Royal Family: Generational Games. The Oracle and the Family Curse. Comet Churyumov-Gerasimenko heliocentric. All named asteroids. All Reports at a Glance. Chart of the moment.

    It not only contains birth data, but also all the chart drawings and thousands of biographies. AstroWiki by Astrodienst is a free encyclopedia of astrology. It collects the knowledge of the astrological community and makes it available to everybody. Leave mobile view.

    As one of the largest astrology portals WWW. COM offers a lot of free features on the subject. With high-quality horoscope interpretations by the world's leading astrologers Liz Greene, Robert Hand and other authors, many free horoscopes and extensive information on astrology for beginners and professionals, www. In , when Senator Edward Kennedy faced the collapse of his Presidential hopes after Chappaquiddick, he asked whether there was a curse on his family.

    Over the decades, a great many people have asked the same question, privately and in print; the history of this extraordinary clan does make one wonder whether some daimon of misfortune dogs its members.

    The Jell-O Family Curse

    The recent death of John F. No generation of this powerful family has remained unscathed. Naturally, the Kennedy horoscopes have been pondered by astrologers from every perspective. Anyone who has studied them can recognise factors in each individual birth chart which might reflect, at least in part, the tragedy of that particular life. Yet here is a sequence of tragedies which are strangely coherent in their continuity. Can we link these astrologically? Do they make sense psychologically? Are we looking at what the Greeks meant by a family curse?

    Are we looking at the products of a lethal but very human mixture of ingredients - a dysfunctional family driven by obsessive ambition and habitually involved with echelons of power and corruption that, sooner or later, would involve danger and possibly violent death?

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    Are we viewing coincidence? Or, as Ian Fleming would have suggested, is it "enemy action"? And if so, what, and where, is the enemy? The word "curse" conjures up images of witchcraft, black magic, Dennis Wheatley novels, and B-grade films about reanimated Egyptian mummies. It is a word which, understandably, we do not like to use these days, and any mention of the Curse of the Kennedys tends to provoke uneasy laughter. But the ancient mythology which underpins our Western culture and permeates our Western psychology took the concept of the family curse very seriously indeed, and did not associate it with witches or malevolent occult rites.

    The English word "curse" has obscure origins, but my etymological dictionary suggests that it derives from an Anglo-Saxon word meaning "wrath". The first known example of the word occurs in the 11th century: Goddes curs, the wrath of God. A curse is thus something inflicted by a wrathful deity in response to human wrong-doing. Its roots lie in the past, but it predetermines the future. Most of us do not think in terms of our families being "cursed", whatever difficulties we experience with and through them.

    Some families exhibit clearly repetitive patterns, but these may involve gifts and good fortune as often as they involve misfortune and pathology. But there are some families which seem to bear more than their share of tragedy, albeit on a less grandiose scale than the Kennedys. Repeating generations of broken marriages, alcoholism and drug addiction, suicide, financial ruin, and functional disease dog many families. Sometimes these patterns are deeply disturbing in their consistency and precision.

    Generational Curses: Seven Signs of a Family Curse

    Lynn Bell demonstrates, in her excellent book, Planetary Threads, the ways in which particular attitudes and experiences, embedded in the family psyche, can unconsciously dominate behaviour over several generations, sometimes emerging only when each individual reaches the precise age at which his or her predecessors themselves re-enacted the ancient story.

    Family therapists call this "the anniversary syndrome". Astrologers, accustomed to the cyclical nature of transits and progressions, can map it with precision, but its meaning may be more elusive. An important question for the astrologer is whether family tragedies can be seen in nascent form in the birth chart, and counteracted before they have a chance to repeat.

    4 Books With Mysterious Family Curses

    For if we take seriously the possibility of a destructive psychological inheritance, we are forced to consider the implications for astrological prediction. A family curse, in myth, demands an expiation of some kind, without which it continues to unleash its wrath on subsequent generations. The future of an individual, in this context, is dependent not on his or her conscious choices, nor even on his or her birth chart, but on something from the past which lies buried beneath the surface of life and influences or conditions future choices and consequences.

    In other words, the family curse makes us live the placements in our individual charts in particular ways which are not entirely our own. Our special pattern of planets and signs and aspects, so unique and so full of individual potential, becomes the unwitting vessel for a larger, older, and often inimical collective daimon.

    Kennedy, before he went to Dallas in November , was reputed to have received many warnings, amongst them several from astrologers who did not like the look of the configurations being triggered in his birth chart. He chose to disregard these warnings. He chose to disregard this warning. Is "chose" perhaps the wrong word to use here? First I would like to explore in greater depth just what the Greeks might have meant by the family curse, and how this could be relevant to us psychologically and as a pattern of destiny within a family. The family curse in Greek myth In Greek myth, the family curse is presented as a punishment inflicted by an angry deity on the descendants of an individual who has offended that god.

    The curse or punishment is also intimately connected with Apollo's oracle, and most of the family curses in myth involve one or another member of the family consulting the oracle for help or a revelation about the future. The curse, although a legacy from the past, is also a destiny, and involves prophecies of what is to come. It has the power to overrule any potential individual development, rendering the person a mere vehicle for the unfolding of the curse. Only in understanding the words of the oracle, accepting the fate decreed, and performing expiation according to the god's will, can the curse be lifted or neutralised.

    Inevitably, the figures of Greek tragedy neither understand nor accept the oracle, nor do they perform the expiation required. Each person is either ignorant of the curse or feels he or she is exempt, and thus meets a destiny which is both imposed and chosen - inherited consequences interwoven with present choices to create a predetermined future.

    New Testament teaching: Salvation is individual

    For example, the curse imposed upon the mythic house of Thebes begins with King Laius, who manages to offend both Apollo and Artemis, the divine protectors of children, by raping a noble youth who is the son of his friend. Laius is warned by the oracle of the god he has offended that, should he have a son, he will meet his death at this son's hands. The wrathful deity, although ready to inflict punishment, also simultaneously offers the possibility of expiation through that punishment.

    Since every human must meet death one way or another, and given the nature of Laius' offence, the expiation might be seen as just.